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Welded O Ring

-O rings that are welded are stronger of course and able to bare a heavy work load and have breaking points of 150 lbs and up to 2000 lbs depending on the size.

-By definition weld means a localized fusion of metals produced by heating to suitable temperatures. Pressure and/or filler metal may or may not be used. The filler material has a melting point approximately the same or below that of the base metals, but always above 800 °F (427 °C).

-Feel free to email me if you have further questions regarding this item or any of my other items.

Unwelded O rings

-Unwelded o rings by definition are not welded however they are steel wire that has been bent into shape and both ends meet. These o rings are unwelded however they are not able to be pryed apart by hand. These are not to be used for any heavy or weight bearing application.

Gauge - What does this mean?

-The gauge is basically the thickness of the wire or ring. In my listings most of the dee and o rings will have information provided such and a gauge. For some people this information is not useful and for others it is extremely important.

Gauge that is low means the thicker the wire.

Sizes & Inside Diameter - What does this mean?

-Please check your projects to see what size you need either the inside width or the outside. The size I provide in my listings is the inside diameter. This in particular means the 1 1/2 inch buckle will allow a strap that is 1 1/2 inch wide through.